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As recently as the early 1990s, a car’s engine required consistent maintenance on a few basic components. Things like spark plugs, distributor points and condensers, and valve, timing, and carburetor adjustments were needed on an annual basis. This qualified need prompted the industry to coin the phrase “tune-up.” 


Today a tune-up refers to fixing just about any combination of events that cause a car to run poorly. Items such as distributor-less ignition, computerized engine controls, and fuel injection have completely changed the needs of the modern car. Meanwhile, factors like advances in spark plug technology and the improved efficiency of the combustion system have drastically increased the time between basic engine maintenance services. What used to be an annual service has now increased to 60,000 or even 90,000-mile increments. While things like spark plugs, filters, and fluids still need to be replaced at regular intervals to keep your car running problem free, most other components are now likely to last the life of the car. 


If your car is running poorly or has a warning indicator on the dash, trust the pros at Superior Tire, Inc. in Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Golden Valley, and Kingman, AZ, to pinpoint the problem. We have the tools, equipment, and trained, experienced mechanics to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Why Your Car Still Needs Tune-ups

No matter how carefully you drive in Arizona, your car can’t operate at its best without regular attention. Admittedly, ignoring your vehicle’s maintenance needs may work out in the short term. Still, if you put these services off for long enough, you’ll increase your risk of serious car trouble later. 


By getting engine tune-ups often enough, your car will stay in good shape for years to come while enjoying enhanced power and gas mileage. Here’s what the team at Superior Tire Inc. can do as part of your next engine tune-up:


When Your “Check Engine” Light Activates, What Should You Do?

Suppose you’ve been driving in Arizona for a while. In that case, you know the sinking feeling of noticing one of your dashboard lights has activated. While your dash has more than one warning light, perhaps the most crucial light to pay attention to is the “Check Engine” light. First, you should know that this light might have a different name in your vehicle—for example, it could be labeled as “Service Engine Soon,” “Check Powertrain,” or “Check” with a picture of an engine. Regardless of what your light looks like, you’ll need a plan for what to do next if it lights up.


There are countless reasons why most people should leave their auto maintenance needs to professionals. One large obstacle to successfully completing this process is that your Check Engine light won’t tell you what the problem is on its own. Without access to proper diagnostic equipment, you’ll be left fumbling in the dark with little indication of what your vehicle is actually dealing with. These and other issues can trigger this light:



Instead of trying to determine why your Check Engine light turned on by yourself, let the pros at Superior Tire help! With our specialized equipment, we’ll be able to find your Diagnostic Trouble Code and figure out what steps to take next before you know it. Get started by contacting your closest Superior Tire location today!

Dealing With Engine Breakdowns

Sometimes, a Check Engine light may be the least of your problems. One of the most troubling issues you can encounter while on the road in Arizona is having an engine that suddenly stops working. If that occurs, you could easily wind up stranded—so having a strategy for what to do in this situation is essential.


If you’re stuck in or near Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Golden Valley, or Kingman, AZ, the first thing you should do (after safely stopping your car by the side of the road) is to contact Superior Tire. We’ll pick you up and get to work on your vehicle right away!

The Superior Tire Difference

As an Arizona resident, you have no shortage of auto shops ready to work on your next tune-up. While that can be a positive thing in some ways, it also means picking one shop when you need service can be complicated, to say the least. And if you choose an especially unqualified shop, they could do more harm than good—meaning you’ll need to spend even more to fix their mistakes.


The easiest way to pick an auto repair shop in the Bullhead City area is to check their mechanics' qualifications. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive process—just look for a shop with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)-certified mechacnics, such as Superior Tire. Since our crew is highly qualified, you’ll get a car tune-up from people who know exactly what they’re doing. At the same time, our commitment to customer service means you’ll enjoy courteous, professional help at each step of the tune-up process.


At Superior Tire, we’re ready to work on any type of vehicle that needs a tune-up. Whether your Arizona car is foreign or domestic, our team is fully prepared to deliver the help you’re looking for. Of course, we can take care of simple repairs in a jiffy. But if you need a larger-scale engine fix, our crew will let you know what to expect (including how much this work will cost) before we get started. If you’re wondering why so many Arizona residents trust Superior Tire for their engine tune-up needs, it’s time to find out for yourself!

How to Save on Your Next Car Tune-Up

When it’s time for a tune-up in Arizona, there’s little you can do to avoid this fact of life. But auto maintenance can come with some hefty expenses, meaning you may have trouble fitting these tasks into your monthly budget.


Of course, Superior Tire can’t eliminate the cost of your auto repair work—including tune-ups. That said, we can ease this financial burden by giving you opportunities to save. While we’ll give you a fair price for your next tune-up, the money-saving options available at Superior Tire go beyond that. You can also cut your costs even further by taking a look at our online coupons. In addition, make your car maintenance payments work for you by joining our rewards program!

A Full-service Auto Shop

The ASE-certified techs at Superior Tire are experts when it comes to handling car tune-ups, but there’s much more our crew can do for you. Here are some of the other auto repair services we offer to people in this part of Arizona:



Do you need one of the services listed above or any other type of auto maintenance? If so, set up an appointment at your local Superior Tire Inc. shop today!



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