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Superior Tire Can Meet All Your Tire Needs


Whether you need to buy tires, have your tires serviced, or are looking for a tire store that can help you maximize the investment you made in your tires, Superior Tires has you covered. Our goal is always the same: To offer our customers honest, friendly tire service by experienced, professional mechanics at a competitive price. We want to be part of your car care team!


Shop for Tires at Superior

The choices available in tires can seem daunting, but it is crucial to make the right choice both for safety and performance. The tires on your vehicle are the only things that are in contact with the road you are driving on, so do some research before you buy. 

The tire specialists at Superior Tires are available to help you make your tire choices. They have the experience to match the right tires to your vehicle, so you can be assured your tire-buying experience is guided by the best experts in the field.

Superior Tires offers only the best brands: Bridgestone, Firestone, Cooper, Goodrich, and Goodyear, to name just a few. Use the online Tire Selector to narrow down the choices and then make an appointment to come in and discuss these with a specialist based on how and where you drive, the price, and how long you expect to use the tires. And don’t forget: Superior Tire offers a Protection Plus Warranty!

Don’t forget to check our tire deals on the specials and coupons page while making your decision. Our Rewards Program can also save you with money-back offers toward future purchases as well as monthly promotions for members. Yes, you want the best tires for the money, but it never hurts to save whenever you can!

Types of Tires

Many manufacturers place all-season tires on all the cars they produce. These tires provide an adequate basic capability for driving in all seasons of the year. However, a basic capability might not be enoughor safeif you live in snowy, icy climates. In those areas, it’s best to get snow tires during the winter months for better traction.

All-season tires come in either high-performance or grand-touring models: 

  • High-performance tires 
    • They provide better handling than standard all-season tires.
    • They grip the road better.
    • They feel more “sporty” to drive.
    • They’re intended for more aggressive driving in high-performance cars.
  • Grand touring tires 
    • They look more like regular all-weather tires.
    • They ride better. 
    • All-weather tires are a type of grand touring tires:
      • They offer the same performance as all-weather tires.
      • They give better traction in the snow.

Servicing Your Tires for Peak Performance

After you purchase your tires, it’s important to have them serviced regularly to protect your investment. You cannot expect your tires to provide peak performance without some attention on a regular basis. By having our service staff set up a preventive maintenance plan for your tires (as well as all other systems in your car), you’ll be preventing unnecessary wear to your tires, and they will last as long as possible. 


Unfortunately, one of the major reasons for expensive car repairs and replacements is driver neglect. Don’t let that happen to you. Superior Tires offers the following services to help your car remain safe and useful to you:

Tire Rotation

One of the most important actions you can take for your tires is to have them rotated periodically. Aside from the fact that tires do wear out eventually, the front end of most cars is usually heavier than the back. Plus, when you stop, the weight of the car moves to the front tires. So, the front tires will wear more quickly than those in the back. 

By having our mechanics move the tires from one position to another, you are making sure the tread is wearing as evenly as possible on each tire. Tires are relatively expensive, and you don’t want to replace them before you have to.

Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for tire rotation. As a general rule, new tires should be rotated at 5,000 miles and then every 5,000 to 7,000 miles after that. If you have any questions on this, discuss it with our tire specialists and get their input.

Tire Balancing

Tires wear out the longer they’re used. Over time, weight imbalances in the tires happen as a normal result of driving. These imbalances will become noticeable to the driver as vibrations in the steering wheel, seats, or on the floorboard. The faster the car goes, the more it will vibrate. 

These vibrations are messages from the tires. Seat vibrations generally mean one or both of the rear tires are unbalanced. Steering wheel vibrations mean the front tires are out of balance. Pay attention to these messages! The longer you allow the vibrations to go on, the faster your tires will wear outand you will use more gas to operate the car.

Superior Tires expert mechanics will make sure the weight of your car is evenly balanced on each wheel. They remove the tires from the car and use specialized balancing equipment to determine where the imbalances are. They then attached small weights to the rims to make corrections and then remount the tires. 

Wheel Alignment

This is not the same as balancing tires. Alignment is making sure the tire is in the correct position on the wheel, and it is an adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension. It makes sure your tires are at the correct angles when they make contact with the road.

Tires that are out of alignment reduce the function of the tire and increase gas usage. The car’s engine can be affected, too, making the car dangerous to drive. Here are some signs your car’s alignment is off: 

  • Thumping noise while driving
  • Uneven tread wear on one side of the tire
  • Consistent tire pressure loss
  • Low or flat tires

If you experience any of these issues, bring your car into Superior Tires and have the tires inspected and serviced. 

Flat Tire Repair

A tire can be safely repaired under certain conditions:

  • The puncture is ¼” or less in diameter.
  • The puncture is in the tread.
  • The cut doesn’t slice through the tire’s steel belt.
  • The damage is not an irregular gash.
  • The puncture isn’t in the same place as a previous repair.

Superior Tire repairs tires according to the strictest safety regulations. If it is determined a tire can’t be repaired, our tire specialists will help you pick out new tire replacements. Our first concern is your safety!

Warning Signs for Possible Tire Problems

Here are some other signs that your tires need to be inspected by a professional:

  • A weight on a tire has disappeared.
  • You see uneven tire wear.
  • You’ve repaired a tire yourself.
  • Your tires have not been balanced in some time. 
  • You suspect a slow leak.

Use events like this to remind yourself to have your tires checked. Experts advise that you have your tires checked every two years at a minimum anyway. If you drive on unpaved or rough roads, gravel roads, or roads that are in poor repair, have the tires checked more often just to be safe.

Let Superior Tire Be Your Tire Store!

We also offer roadside assistance, diesel engine system repairs, and diagnostics using the latest auto technology. Once your car is in our shop, we offer a free shuttle service, free Wi-Fi in our waiting area, and free coffee!

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