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Tire Rotation

Tires Are an Investment

The tires on your vehicle are not only a financial investment but an investment in the health of your vehicle. As the foundation of your car or truck, your tires greatly impact your vehicle. The quality of your tires determines how well your vehicle will grip the road, your handling, and the effectiveness of stops and turns.

As you drive, your tires suffer a beating from road conditions, wear and tear, and the weight of your vehicle. While the wearing down of your tires is a natural process, it does not happen evenly across your tires. The front tires typically bear the most weight on a vehicle and begin to wear down faster than the back tires. For this reason, tire rotation is needed to help your tires wear evenly so you are not replacing them before you need to.

Tire Rotation Process

The process of tire rotation involves removing all four tires and changing their positions. Doing this periodically is intended to optimize their performance, utilize them equally, and ensure you get the longest lifespan out of them. By moving the front tires to the back, they get a break from carrying the brunt of the wear and tear. While the back tires still break down over time, they typically last longer than the front tires.

Here at Superior Tire Inc., our trustworthy mechanics have rotated thousands of tires to maximize their lifespan and know that it is one of the best ways to keep them in excellent condition. Performing a tire rotation is a form of preventative maintenance that helps keep you safe on the road, lets your tires last longer, and gives you the most out of your tires.

Hazards of Worn Out Tires

As you drive every day, your tires constantly work to keep your drive safe and smooth. However, since the tires always make contact with the road, they lose their effectiveness over time. When your tires start to lose their tread, they cannot hold onto the road and can cause poor handling for your car or SUV.

It can be a pretty frightening experience to drive on bad tires, even in good weather conditions. Add in rain or snow, and the situation becomes more intense. Even beyond extreme weather swings we have throughout the year here in Arizona, the dust and dirt on the road can make our roads hazardous for someone driving on balding tires.

Other Tire Service Needs

While tire rotation is an excellent and cost-effective way to extend the life of your tires, some other tire service needs are worth discussing. Here at Superior Tire Inc., we offer a full range of tire services and care. Whether you need to shop for new tires or simply have some tire balancing done, we are your home for all things tires in Arizona. Our crew has the know-how and the equipment to handle any and all tire work that needs to be done.

Some of the other tire services our competent crew provides are as follows:

Tire Balancing

As you drive, your tires will wear down. In a properly balanced car, the tire tread will wear down equally across the width of your tire. However, if the vehicle is not weighted equally, it can cause one side of the tire to thin out sooner than the other side. When your tread is worn unevenly, it means that one side of your tire is going to be less effective at gripping the road and handling correctly.

If your tires are unbalanced, you may feel a pull to one side of the road or hear a thumping noise from your tires. Tire balancing helps restore a balanced weight distribution and allows your tires to function correctly again.

Wheel Alignment

Though it is often confused with tire balancing, wheel alignment services a different purpose entirely. While they are both related to tires, wheel alignment focuses on the angle of the tire as it sits in the wheel. Aligning your wheels helps ensure their proper function and that they will last as long as possible.

Your tires and wheels are designed to operate at specific angles and positions. If your wheels are not aligned properly, you may hear a repeating bump, feel a vibration while driving, or feel a lack of control when turning.

Tire Repair Service

A flat tire can put a real dampener on your day and your budget. Fortunately, the crew at Superior Tire Inc. are expert tire pros and turn a bummer of a day into a great experience. Our team can help you with a fast flat tire repair and get you back on the road. Of course, if it’s time to new tire installation, we can help find the perfect fit for you too.

Signs your Tires Need Attention

As your tires age, they will begin to show specific symptoms that they may need to be serviced or replaced. There are several ways that you can perform an evaluation on your tires to gain a measure of their condition. Knowing when your tires need either tire rotation, tire balancing, or tire service of some kind can help you stay on top of the health of your vehicle.

Some of the signs you need tire service are:

Schedule a Tire Service Appointment

If you are experiencing any of the signs above with your tires, give us a call today and schedule an appointment for tire service.

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