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Our Mechanics Keeps You on the Road

Your car or truck likely represents a significant investment for you and your family. Our team of auto repair mechanics ensures that you get the most out of your investment and keep your vehicle operating smoothly through our auto repair services. Our car repair services include transmission repair, brake checks, preventative maintenance, and more. 

Reliable Car Mechanic Services

Unfortunately, there are a lot of auto shops out there that have less than exemplary work. Superior Tire, however, is different. Our car-mechanic service-team members are ASE certified, meaning they have been thoroughly trained and educated in all things auto repair. Each auto repair that our team handles is performed by expert mechanics who have years of hands-on experience. You can trust our team to help with any car repair you need. 

More Than Just Tires

Even though we have “tire” in our name, Superior Tire is so much more than another Arizona tire shop. Our crew handles all kinds of auto repair services and can do everything you need to keep your car or truck roadworthy. We are your all-in-one auto repair shop for all your auto needs. We can repair, service, or maintain your vehicle from the tires up. 


We keep every system in your car operating smoothly and safely. No matter if you need a major engine repair or an oil change, we are here to help. 



Our auto repair services include: 

Engine Repair Services

Engine Repair Services

One of the most important components in your car is your engine. When your “check engine” light comes on or if something just doesn't run the way it used to, the Superior Tire team can take a look. Our engine diagnostics and repair services can have your engine up and running in no time. We use ultra-fast diagnostic tools to get to the bottom of an engine problem and can get started on auto repair right away. 

While you do not need to panic when your “check engine” light is on, you also shouldn't ignore it. Having a professional car mechanic take a look can help keep your engine healthy before it’s too late or too costly. Remember, it’s far better to get your vehicle into an auto repair shop sooner rather than later.

Auto Air-Conditioner Repair Services

Auto Air-Conditioner Repair Services

Being located in Arizona, we are very familiar with the extreme heat in this part of the country. Maintaining your auto air-conditioner (AC) system here is not just a luxury but a necessity. In order to keep cool and comfortable on those hot Arizona days, you need your auto AC to run correctly, have all its fluids at the correct levels, and have its filters clean and fresh. Your car AC is also responsible for defrosting your windshield on cooler days. So, a poor AC can become a safety issue before too long.

Our team checks your car's AC from time to time and gets it back to normal when something goes wrong.

Transmission Repair Services

Transmission Repair Services

Another major system in your vehicle that may need auto repair at some point is your transmission. Modern transmission systems are more complex than ever before. As technology advances in transmission systems, they have become more fuel efficient, have smoother shifts between gears, and are much less likely to break down. While all this innovation is great, it can mean that if something goes wrong, you’ll need a car mechanic who can handle the transmission repair.

Luckily, Superior Tire is here to help with transmission repair. Our crew are experts on the ins and outs of complex transmissions and can quickly assess any issue. If you are experiencing something wrong with your transmission, it’s essential to have it looked at by a transmission repair shop as soon as possible. With something as important as your transmission, don’t wait to get it looked at.

Exhaust System Repair Services

Exhaust System Repair Services

The muffler and exhaust system in your car is more than just a noise-dampener. When your engine burns fuel, it creates harmful fumes that need to be purified before vacating the engine. Your exhaust system works to cleanse the gas from burned fuel and expel it safely from your vehicle. This complicated process involves a series of pipes, systems, and converters to quiet the vibrations and noise.

The crew at Superior Tire can have your muffler and exhaust system up and running again as quick as a flash. We’ll diagnose the problem and then perform a cost-effective muffler and exhaust repair before you know it.

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Preventative Auto Maintenance

Your car has several parts and systems that need regular maintenance and replacements to run correctly. It’s essential to perform preventive maintenance on your car or truck to keep it operating correctly. Items like spark plugs, brake pads, and brake rotors have a limited lifespan and will wear out over time. By maintaining these smaller components, the major systems in your car will get the care they need to continue operating as they should.

Because it protects against a more significant auto repair, preventative maintenance may be the most important service we do at Superior Tire. As a vehicle owner, it is better to act preemptively on car repair than to have to react if something goes wrong. Preventative maintenance guards against a more extensive repair in the future, keeps your car healthy, and saves you money in the long run. Your Superior Tire car mechanic will keep your vehicle properly cared for with top-of-the-line preventative maintenance.

Cooling System Repair Services

Cooling System Repair Services

As your engine runs, it generates extremely high temperatures that can cause damage to your car. The cooling system brings your vehicle to operating temperature to perform at its peak. The cooling system removes heat from your engine and transfers it to the radiator, where it can be cooled by antifreeze. The water pump builds up pressure to keep everything in the cooling system moving correctly.

If any of the components in the cooling system fail or malfunction, it could lead to the engine overheating and cause a major issue. If your vehicle cannot operate at the appropriate temperature, it could cause a breakdown and even significant damage. On the other hand, if there is a malfunction where your car operates at a lower temperature than it should, it can cause poor performance and eventually lead to a costly trip to the auto repair shop. 

However, you don’t have to let it get worse before bringing in your vehicle. Our crew can diagnose and get your cooling system running at peak performance. If you have any concerns about your vehicle’s cooling system, Superior Tire has you covered.

Suspension and Steering Auto Repair Services

Suspension and Steering Auto Repair Services

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are there to hold your vehicle steady and give you traction on the road. This helps provide proper handling and stability while driving. As key safety systems, the steering and suspension protect you from sliding around in poor driving conditions like rain or snow. Maintaining these safety components is essential to keep you safe on the road and prevent an accident.

Our team of ASE-certified mechanics can maintain your steering and suspension systems by performing a thorough annual inspection. If something is not functioning properly, we can perform any car repair you need to be done as well.

Schedule an Auto Repair Appointment Today

Here at Superior Tire, we promise quality auto repair service at a competitive rate. Don’t trust something as important as your vehicle to just any car mechanic. Schedule an appointment with our team today for any car repair work that needs to be done.



Auto Repair Services FAQs

How do you shop around for auto repair?

As a resident of Bullhead City, Arizona or any nearby Arizona community, finding a local auto repair shop is far from difficult. But there’s one problem—the first auto repair shop you find isn’t guaranteed to be the best one in the area. In fact, with so many options at your fingertips, locating an auto repair business that takes pride in delivering high-quality results can be more challenging than you’d expect.


Fortunately, you can improve your odds through online research, as long as you know what you’re looking for. Naturally, reasonable pricing should be one of your highest priorities when searching for a great auto repair business in Arizona. On top of that, your auto repair shop of choice should have an unbeatable reputation and ASE-certified mechanics. Superior Tire has been around since 1979, and our qualified mechanics and great rates make us the clear choice in Arizona for any type of auto repair service!

Is car maintenance the same as car repair?

Even professional mechanics occasionally get the terms “auto maintenance” and “auto repair” mixed up. Thus, it’s no surprise that people outside the industry can have questions about the meanings of these phrases. The first thing to know is that, while they are similar, these terms describe two different forms of automotive work.


Simply put, services that fall into the category of “auto maintenance” are about ensuring your car can keep running as it should. Meanwhile, “auto repair” services are meant to fix problems your car encounters for whatever reason.


As an Arizona driver, you can trust Superior Tire to take care of any type of auto maintenance or repair work you need. Let our ASE-certified mechanics handle these services and many more:



Whether you need auto maintenance or repair services, you may have been alerted by your “check engine” light about your car’s service requirements. This light is triggered by obvious issues such as those requiring the aforementioned services. However, it can also turn on at random. Despite this, you should never ignore this light. Instead, bring your car to Superior Tire for a quick diagnostic check!

How do I choose a good auto mechanic?

No matter where you are in Arizona, finding a reliable auto mechanic doesn’t have to be a struggle. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t select a mechanic because they are at an auto repair shop that happens to be closest to your home. Instead, it’s wise to have several priorities in mind; that way, you can properly identify which repair shop and mechanic best meets your needs.


Below are a few things you should consider that can make your decision easier:



To obtain all these benefits and more, pick Superior Tire for your auto repair needs. As Arizona’s most reliable auto repair shop since 1979, we’ve handled every car-related task you can imagine. That makes us the perfect choice for the services your car needs!

Are local auto repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

For many Arizona drivers, the process of choosing an auto repair shop that offers high-quality services might seem as easy as choosing their car dealership for maintenance and repair work. However, dealership services aren’t always as great as their brand names might suggest. While their services aren’t necessarily bad, dealerships could easily be outclassed by local auto repair shops. And if you take the dealership route for auto maintenance and repair services, you’ll almost certainly end up overpaying for the work your car needs.


On the other hand, you might choose your dealership for auto maintenance and repair services, not on account of their service quality, but because you think you need to use their services exclusively to keep your warranty intact. Luckily, that’s not the case; American law prohibits dealerships from altering warranties based on where customers choose to obtain these services. So, you’re free to stop by your closest Superior Tire location for this work!

How can I avoid expensive auto repairs?

While not wanting to spend money on auto repairs is understandable, every car eventually needs attention. Dealing with auto maintenance and repair work is an unavoidable part of being a car owner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on these services. By choosing a reliable auto repair shop in Arizona like Superior Tire, you’ll be able to get high-quality services at a surprisingly low rate.


Of course, saving on auto repairs should go beyond getting a low rate for services. Ideally, your auto repair shop of choice should offer extra saving opportunities, which is definitely the case at Superior Tire. Accordingly, before making your appointment, be sure to check out our coupons and rewards club membership! 

What is basic maintenance for a car?

No matter how superior your car is, it won’t be able to do its job indefinitely without a bit of outside assistance. This means you’ll need to keep up on auto maintenance, or find an auto repair shop that can take care of that work for you. After all, high-quality maintenance can prevent automotive issues before they arise. So, taking this matter seriously can help you save a significant amount of money over your car’s lifespan.


Here are some of the auto maintenance services Superior Tire can provide:


  • BFGoodrich®
  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Cooper
  • Delta
  • Firestone
  • Fuzion
  • GT Radial
  • General
  • Toyo
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