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Oil Changes



When you need a car oil change in Arizona, there’s no better place to go than your closest Superior Tire Inc. location. Keep reading for more information on the wide range of oil change services we can handle.

The Superior Tire Inc. Difference

No matter what type of Arizona automotive service you need, there’s no reason to choose any business other than the area’s best chain of garages. In Mohave County, the crew at Superior Tire Inc. provides the finest local auto services.


Superior Tire has provided oil changes and countless other services to Arizona drivers since 1979, and we’ve built an unimpeachable reputation over the past several decades. We’re still going strong today thanks to the many perks we offer, including:


  • ASE Certified mechanics
  • All kinds of services, ranging from preventative maintenance to major repairs
  • A wide range of tire options
  • Competitive pricing for services and products
  • A complimentary shuttle service
  • Free Wi-Fi and coffee in the Superior Tire waiting area


To enjoy all these benefits and more, choose Superior Tire Inc. for your next oil change!

Why Are Oil Changes Essential?

Your oil removes heat from the engine and lubricates its moving parts. Changing your vehicle’s oil routinely is one of the most important things you can do to promote long-term vehicle performance. As you drive, the oil pump circulates oil into your oil filter and throughout your engine. The oil filter cleans dirt and deposits out of the oil, keeping your engine clean and protected. 


As time passes, the oil filter will begin to get clogged with debris and will no longer be able to keep the oil clean for the engine. Most manufacturers recommend changing the oil between 5,000 and 7,000 miles to ensure long life and maximum performance. 


At Superior Tire Inc., we understand the importance of an oil change. Superior Tire Inc. proudly serves the oil change needs of its Arizona customers in Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Golden Valley, and Kingman.

Know When You Need an Oil Change

As you’ve just had a chance to read about, it’s common for auto manufacturers to recommend that drivers get oil changes every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. That can make it easier to figure out when it’s time for another oil change, but this is really just general advice. To figure out the exact oil change schedule you should follow, you’ll need to consider your own situation.


Motor oil can wear out faster than it normally would due to all kinds of different factors. More specifically, you might want to consider getting oil changes more often if you tend to:


  • Engage in high-mileage driving
  • Driving in high temperatures (which is nearly unavoidable in Arizona!)
  • Take short trips regularly
  • Tow or haul heavy loads


Most drivers in Arizona and elsewhere exhibit at least some of these driving habits. Taking that into account, we believe most motorists should get oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. While this means you’ll have to pay for oil changes more often, the extra attention your vehicle will get from our technicians is more than worth it.

Our Thorough Oil Change Service

Generally speaking, Arizona drivers have some understanding of why they need oil changes. What most people don’t know is that an oil change shouldn’t just consist of a single service. Though actually changing the oil in your vehicle is a vital part of this task, reliable shops like Superior Tire Inc. will take care of several other maintenance services at the same time.


At Superior Tire Inc., you’ll get up to five quarts of new motor oil as part of your oil change. On top of that, our ASE Certified technicians will:


  • Closely inspect your vehicle
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Lubricate your car’s chassis
  • Rotate your tires (by request)

Don’t Just Top Off Your Oil

Topping off your oil can help maintain your vehicle’s well-being between oil changes. However, that raises the question: Why not just keep topping off your car’s oil and skip oil changes entirely? That might appear to make sense at first glance, but it definitely isn’t something we’d recommend.


The biggest reason why you shouldn’t rely solely on topping off your oil is linked to the actual purpose of oil changes. After all, this service doesn’t just keep your oil level high, but it also cleans the oil in your engine, keeping it as effective as possible. Topping off your oil can help you out temporarily, but it won’t improve your overall oil cleanliness. Your dirty oil will still put stress on your vehicle’s engine, making this strategy almost as bad in the long term as not replacing your oil at all.


On top of all that, this approach excludes the secondary services we provide with our oil changes. Instead of trying to penny-pinch by avoiding essential auto maintenance, take your car to Superior Tire Inc. to get a full-fledged oil change at a highly affordable price.

What Type of Oil is Right for You?

Staying up to date on your Arizona vehicle’s oil changes is an essential task, but following the proper oil change schedule is only half the battle on its own. In addition, you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the most suitable type of oil for your car’s needs. 


Some of the factors that might influence your oil decision include:


  • Your vehicle’s age. Over time, the spaces in between a vehicle’s engine components will grow. When that happens, you’ll need a higher-viscosity oil as a result.
  • The type of car you drive. Do you operate a high-performance car, such as a sports car, or a completely different type of vehicle, such as a pickup truck? No matter what you drive, you need a suitable type of oil.
  • How you drive. Do your driving habits fall under the “severe driving” category? If that’s the case, you may need enhanced oil to counteract the results.


Once you’ve taken inventory of these factors, it’s time to choose a type of oil for your vehicle. The most common oil varieties on the market today include:

Standard Oil

Just like you’d expect, standard oil is the default oil variety. This product is made from refined crude oil, which contains additives to make it more effective at protecting your engine. While standard oil costs less than other motor oil types upfront, you’ll need to change it more often.

Synthetic Oil

Today, synthetic oil is nearly as popular as the standard offering. This form of oil consists of multiple chemical compounds and is made in laboratories. Since it’s manufactured specifically for use in vehicles, it’s more effective—and more expensive—than standard oil. However, you won’t need to replace it as regularly as you would have to replace standard oil.

High-Mileage Oil

Finally, people driving vehicles with more than 75,000 miles on the odometer should look at high-mileage oil. That’s typically a blend of standard and synthetic oils formulated with aging cars in mind.

Get the Cheap Oil Change You Deserve

No one in Arizona wants to overpay for auto maintenance services—even relatively minor jobs like oil changes. The team at Superior Tire Inc. understands that, which is why we offer all kinds of online coupons. And for even more perks, sign up for our rewards club!

Schedule Your Next Car Oil Change Today

Whether you’re an Arizona driver who’s overdue for an oil change or approaching the end of your oil change schedule, the best time to set up this service is right now. For maximum convenience, schedule your appointment or request a quote online!



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