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When you’re a driver in Arizona, you rely on countless automotive systems to get you to your destination safely. One essential system in your car is the brake system. If your brakes aren’t working properly, you could find yourself in serious trouble before you know it. 

Setting up annual brake checks at a trustworthy Arizona brake shop is the best way to avoid this situation. Superior Tire Inc. proudly offers brake services to people in Bullhead City, Fort Mohave, Golden Valley, and Kingman, AZ. If your brakes need a quick fix at an affordable rate, head to your nearest Superior Tire location to get it done!

What Can Our Brake Shop Do for You?

A functional braking system is a requirement for any motor vehicle. Without high-quality brakes, your car will be harder to control at best. At worst, it could quickly get involved in a devastating crash.

For that reason, you shouldn’t choose a brake shop at random. Instead, you’ll want to look for a qualified business with a strong local history. Since 1979, Superior Tire has given Arizona residents the best brake services available anywhere in the state. Whether you need a simple brake check or an in-depth brake repair, our team of ASE-certified mechanics knows how to make your brakes good as new.

When you bring your car to Superior Tire for brake services, our mechanics will start by visually inspecting your brakes and hydraulic system. That will give them the information they need to begin working on brake services. Depending on your car’s needs, we can:

  • Resurface its drums and rotors
  • Handle brake shoe/brake pad replacement
  • Repack its wheel bearings
  • Take care of any other necessary work

The Importance of Brake Checks

Your brake system has the indispensable job of safely slowing and stopping your vehicle. To help it do that job, you’ll need to make an effort to maintain this system and replace worn-out components. That means taking any potential issues with your brakes seriously—if you ignore them, these problems will only get worse.

Make a point of protecting your car’s brakes by setting up yearly inspections of this system at a trusted auto shop. During these appointments, ASE-certified mechanicstechnicians can take a close look at your brakes and take care of any maintenance issues that have arisen over the past year. (And if you live in a hilly area or often drive in city traffic, scheduling these appointments more frequently than usual may be a good idea.)

Watch Out for Warning Signs You’re in Need of a Brake RepairBe Aware of These Brake Warning Signs

Keeping your parking brake off while driving, getting regular brake fluid checks, and other common-sense steps can help extend your brake system’s lifespan. That said, you also need to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of severe brake issues. Set up an appointment for brake repair when you notice:

  • Yellow puddles of brake fluid on the ground under your vehicle
  • Grinding or scratching sounds while you drive
  • Extra pressure needed to reduce your speed
  • Shaking or vibration while stopping your car
  • Squealing noises when you brake

Brake Systems 101

Since Superior Tire is a full-service brake shop, you won’t need to fix your brakes yourself when choosing us for the job. Still, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the basic workings of your car’s brake system. While the earliest automotive brake systems were relatively simple, the same is not true today. Modern brakes have evolved considerably over the past 100+ years, and that increased complexity comes with improved stopping power.

The exact components included in your brake system will differ based on your car’s make and model. That said, these systems do share some common traits. Here, you can learn all about the most crucial elements of your vehicle’s brake system and how they all work together.


Master Cylinder

Simply put, the master cylinder functions as a pressure converter that responds to the pressure created when you hit your car’s brake pedal. When this happens, the master cylinder takes that physical pressure and changes it to hydraulic pressure. That, in turn, sends brake fluid to your wheel brakes.

Brake Lines and Hoses

Two different channel types have the job of sending brake fluid to the braking units at each of your vehicle’s wheels. These channels are steel-braided brake lines and shockproof brake hoses.

Wheel Calipers and Cylinders

Your wheel cylinders are surrounded by pistons connected to the brake shoes. Brake pressure forces them out of their resting position and pushes them into the brake drum. Calipers work similarly in systems that use brake pads. In either case, these components put pressure on the friction materials in a brake system.

Friction Materials

Disc Brake Pads and Drum Brake Shoes

If you have a disc brake system, your car’s calipers are pressurized by fluid sent to the braking units by the master cylinder. The pistons then push the brake pads against the rotors, which will stop the vehicle. Meanwhile, brake shoes do the same job in cars with rear drum brakes.

How Braking Works

Now, let’s put all these brake components together to see how they work. As soon as you push down on your vehicle’s brake pedal, that pressure sends brake fluid through the lines and hoses. When it reaches the braking units at each wheel, the calipers, cylinders, and friction materials are activated. The fluid can get this far without losing pressure or motion, since it can’t be compressed once it leaves the master cylinder.

However, brake systems can be plagued by air in your brake fluid. Unlike this fluid, air can be compressed; as a result, you might notice a “spongy” feeling while braking. If that happens in your system, all you need to do is to remove unwanted air with the bleeder screws on each of your wheel cylinders.

This is just one of many problems that can arise in brake systems. Along with that, your brake pads or shoes could wear out, fluid could start to leak from your brake lines, and your calipers could corrode. If you’re in Arizona, let the qualified mechanics at Superior Tire take care of all these issues and many more!

Get Brake Services for Less

There’s no shame in wanting to save on any type of auto service, including brake repair and other types of brake maintenance. To avoid paying for these services, some drivers put off necessary repairs for months on end. If you fall into this category, it’s time to think about setting up those repairs. While paying for brake maintenance may sting right now, it’s far cheaper than the repairs you’ll need if you ignore your brakes indefinitely.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay a fortune for brake maintenance. At Superior Tire, we provide a selection of online coupons for these services and others. To save even more, sign up for our rewards program!

Schedule Arizona Brake Repair Today

Are you an Arizona resident looking for brake pad replacement, brake repair, or any other type of brake service? If that’s the case, Superior Tire Inc. is ready to assist. As the area’s top destination for brake repair and brake maintenance, we can get your brakes back in shape before you know it. Get started by filling out our online appointment form today!

Do you need any other type of automotive repair in Arizona? You don’t need to look for another AZ auto repair shop for these services—Superior Tire can help. And if you’re planning to shop for new tires, you’re in the right place!



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